The Lake Iseo s unique because it offers both lake and mountains. For those who love nature, sports, walking is ideal. Suitable for loners, couples, families.
Montisola is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, historical lake island and easily reached by boat directly from the landing stage of Sale Marasino.
You can visit only on foot or by bicycle, at its peak the church of Our Lady of Ceriola nice walk is not too difficult from where you can admire the lake.
The Vello-Toline is the old road, now only pedestrian, that used to connect Marone Pisogne.
It stretches for 10 km entirely overlooking the lake among ancient galleries and wonderful views. The green and the rock once again blend well, creating an oasis of tranquility unique. On foot it takes about an hour and without difficulty.
The Ancient Via Valeriana winds through the beautiful mountains of the Brescia side of the lake starts from Pisogne to Pilzone Iseo. 25 km long, it leads to the discovery of ancient villages and new settlements, offering unique views and surprising.
The Franciacorta is a region recently known for gastronomic merits. King Bubbles was born here and is the first method DOCG in Italy, known for fermentation in the bottle. Hectares of vineyards, beautiful and colorful in the fall season, have made this area interesting from a landscape point of view, so as to create the Wine Road, which opens to the discovery of natural beauty, art, history, culture and offers gourmet products capable to satisfy all palates.
Upon reservation you can visit the main cellars and organize wine tasting.
Every year in May from Brescia part in the Mille Miglia historic event that features the classic cars are no longer young in 1957 that reaches the city of Rome before returning to the starting point.
And in Brescia it can ‘see its famous museum, a real feast for lovers of the old engines.